Pro Optical

Onsite Safety

Benefits of on-site fittings:

  • More control of what the employee is wearing and helping ensure they are using site approved frames
  • Fitting your people with the ppe that they wear while on the job such as hard hats, half mask respirators and hearing protection
  • Reduced time off work for employees saving them money
  • Each fitting takes approximate 5-10 minutes
  • Eliminates middle man and allows us to offer more than competitive prices
  • Our staff is dedicated to understanding our customers specific needs for the type of work they are conducting
  • No on-site fitting fees when the demand is high enough

*** Please note: If you wish to use on of our partner opticals you must contact us directly first as we will send you an order form via fax or email that you will need to take into any of these opticals. Not only do we deal with large companies but our products and pricing are available to all individuals as well. ***

These partners will be doing our fittings for our clients who are apart of our program.
Please contact us for more details!